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Lampuuk Beach, Heaven on Earth

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Lampuuk Beach is the most famous destination in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. This beach has a very good view. High wave and white sand with clear water.This place keep develop since it was destroyed by tsunami in the last 2004. 

Lampuuk Beach (taken from

Lampuuk Beach (taken from

Lampuuk beach Banda Aceh is the place that I visited most with my family. At least once a week I took a day off, to visit and enjoy this place.

This beach has a very good view. High wave, white sand with clear water and supporting cottages that build straight in one line, make it more attractive. In Lampuuk beach Banda Aceh, also completed with some other supporting facilities like cafe and prayer room

There’s a lot of things that i can do with my daughter when visit this place. Playing with sands and swimming is the most favorite of all.

But when the sun shines too bright, I prefer to stay in the cottage and enjoy some tropical beverage. I often pick coconut juice, because it tastes so good.

Cottages in Lampuuk Beach

Cottages in Lampuuk Beach

Lampuuk now become one of the most visited tourism destination in Banda Aceh. Not only by domestic tourist but also foreign tourist. This location keep develop now, since it was destroyed by tsunami in the last 2004.

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